SPEAKING TOPICS: Classroom Management, STUDENT ENGAGEMENT, and Leadership

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If you can't manage them, you can't measure them!

Join Stephen Boyd as he leads an engaging and interactive training for educators. Discover practical proactive and reactive strategies that teachers can implement right away. Get ready to be inspired and empowered as you learn effective approaches to bring calm and control to your most challenging students.

I'm Not Bad, I'm Just Bored

Are students who are labeled bad truly bad? Explore this engaging and innovative opportunity for evidence-based training and consulting offered by  Stephen Boyd. Gain a strategic understanding of why student engagement is crucial in the realm of teaching and learning. Delve into intriguing topics such as the impact of boredom on the brain, discover the Essential Five™ ingredients for student engagement, and uncover the evolving needs of 21st-century learners. Embrace the chance to transform education and revolutionize the way we perceive and nurture our students.

Contagious Teaching

Creating A Learning Environment Where Students JUST Can’t Get Enough

Are you curious about the secret to becoming a master teacher? Look no further! After 2 years of intensive research, Stephen and his team of associates have identified 4 essential practices that consistently propel highly-rated teachers to the top. Stephen reveals these transformative strategies that not only empower educators to teach masterfully but also captivate their students, igniting a deep desire to learn. Prepare to be enthralled as Stephen takes you on a thrilling journey, leaving you on the edge of your seat, hungry for more knowledge.

Is Your Classroom Ready for F.I.R.E?

Is your classroom ready to ignite with F.I.R.E? This captivating motivational discourse compels educators to adopt four fundamental behaviors that are essential to kindling the flames in their classrooms. Prepare for a symphony of emotions as your teachers experience exhilaration, tears, and deep contemplation, all in one extraordinary talk. Join Stephen Boyd and unlock the power within your teaching.

Lead Like You're On F.I.R.E

You spend so much inspiring your teachers, as a school leader, who inspires you? Who lights your F.I.R.E? Leaning on over 25 years of educational experience, Stephen Boyd speaks directly to the hearts of school leaders, encouraging them to rise above mediocrity and lead with blazing passion and purpose. With his deep understanding of the education landscape, Stephen empowers leaders to ignite their potential and create a transformative impact on their schools and communities. Embrace the opportunity to lead like you’re on F.I.R.E and unlock your true potential with Stephen Boyd, your guiding light in educational leadership.